Here comes the GATE of OZ!


🌟 Exciting News Alert! 🌟

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the first bulletin for our inaugural event, the GATE of OZ – Cup! 🏆

What’s the GATE of OZ – Cup, you ask? It’s the 1st International Glider Aerobatics Talents Event of OschatZ – CUP. This prestigious cup marks a significant milestone in the world of glider aerobatics, offering a cross-border platform for budding talents to showcase their skills on an international stage.

The primary goal of the GATE of OZ – Cup is to introduce participants to competitive glider aerobatics and crown the international winner of the Sportsman category. 🪂💨

Ready to dive into the details? You can find the full bulletin on our website: Bulletin Link

Don’t miss out on this thrilling event! Stay tuned for more updates and mark your calendars for the GATE of OZ – Cup! 🗓️✈️

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